Goals are dreams with deadlines

4 am this morning, a bit of a fever dream (minus the fever part) begins the day. I dreamt of several strangers naming the big things they want out of life.

Empathetic, I hand them a black key-fob-sized timer displaying the upwards progression of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Printed above the display were the words: “if not now – when?'


As the great American humorist and philosopher Will Rogers once said, “Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.” This quote perfectly encapsulates the idea that goals are dreams with deadlines.

Taking action and setting realistic goals are essential for achieving our dreams. We feel more motivated and on track when we have goals. Having something to strive for keeps us motivated when times are tough.

It's also important to remember that goals should be realistic and achievable. Adapting our plans to reach our desired outcomes requires flexibility as well.

Taking action to achieve our goals is like the saying “goals are dreams with deadlines.”. Daydreaming and having lofty ambitions are easy without taking action. Our goal-setting process and timeline will ensure that we stay on track and reach our destination.

Taking Will Rogers' advice, let's set some goals! What good is dreaming if we can't make those dreams come true?