Respite in Pictures

The first hours of the morning are most fertile. It's the piece of the day for ‘big picture stuff.' This first time is recognized, sanctified, utilized. Ideas are to be captured and life is to be designed. Stay away from email, Facebook, news, and other such time-sinks.

Just awake, the head is fogged, congested, slow. The words ‘direction' and ‘focus' are not components of the vocabulary. Of course, there's the inextricable feeling of guilt. Self-flagellation with the words, “This day will never come again.”

Maybe just a few minutes of beautiful pictures will help get one's bearing. Black coffee, not too hot, rich.

Photos of Modernist Architecture. Respite.

Enjoy your day.

Milwaukee Art Museum (originally Milwaukee War Memorial), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1952-57.

Balthazar Korab collection of photographs showing Eero Saarinen architecture, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
LC-KRB00- 233 [P&P]