Philosophy: Rose Sayer’s Objection

Discovered an old, saved Reddit thread. Don't remember the original topic or the particular passage. I found it interesting and wanted to share.

Miss Rose Sayer was a missionary's daughter in WW1 German East Africa.

Her father engaged Charles Alnut and his boat to see her downriver to safety in a British held area. After various narrow escapes, Charles decides to celebrate a bit and hoists a few drinks for the occasion, getting drunk in the process. One hangover later, he apologizes to Rose, saying it's a mans nature to cut loose every now and again.

And Rose replied with Sayer’s Objection: “But isn't our nature what we're here to overcome?”

Or as the Redditor TLDR (too long didn't read) at the bottom of the post: “Just because you were born an asshole (or whatever) doesn't mean you have to stay one.”

Confirming attribution of the quote, ‘Overcoming one's human nature' to Rose Sayer, I discovered this is really a theme in the movie The African Queen. Duh, a favorite from childhood and I missed it: Germans, Africa, Rose, Charlie Alnut, torpedos. And most importantly, the classic cinematic theme of Redemption. Clever.

Today is now consumed with creating pseudo-philosophical quotes from movie themes.

Thanks Reddit.