Sage Advice from Mr. Roberts

“Never take your grocery money to the casino” was another good one too.

July 8th, 2020 UPDATE – I wrote this shortly before things got weird here back here in Idaho. Not long after that, the globe shudders, countries down, and tomorrow now one big question mark. “Never take your grocery money to the casino,” said Mr. Roberts. Jackpot.

Despite the hype, I like to think it's still pretty safe to travel. And whilst you're out there, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

Jackson Lance Roberts was born in Weirton West Virginia, a steel company town named after the mill's owner. Jackson says Weirton is the only city in the United States that sits in one state while its borders touch two others. I looked it up. He's right; those other two states are Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Roberts won't reveal how old he is or how long he's been married—merely referring to his beloved as his ‘trophy wife' and that their youngest son is 61 years old. I asked him for one piece of good advice. Without skipping a beat, Jackson said, ‘Anybody past 25 has enough in them to write a book.'