‘Talk to Transformer’ AI that completes your text

I was hoping for a little creative help. A Virtual Assistant might fulfill the need. Here's something. One that works in the same time zone, nice. Does my bidding for free, even better. Provide a new, unexploited vein of pure distraction. Jackpot!

So I write: ‘Every day above ground is a good day… or so they say.’

Screen capture of mobile version of Talk to Transformer website.
Talk to Transformer – See how a modern neural network completes your text.

And the AI responds, ‘course they are wrong. And how do you survive the worst days? You don't have to.  As I've said here several times before, in the world of sports I don't have to beat myself up… and if I could give advice to anyone who needed it I'd say, just go out there and run.  And if it was possible I would tell them to get ready! Just get out there and run.’

Talk to Transformer was built by Adam King as a more natural way for us ordinary folk to sample some of the fruits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It’s fun. I get quite a bit of gibberish, but sometimes a nugget. Considering the adage ‘garbage in / garbage out, it’s most certainly me affecting the results.

None the less, find it useful for switching your train of thought – or jumping it off the rails altogether.

Enjoy at your own risk.

Be well, help others.